The Practice offers specialty counseling services. This means we are a group of specialists in various areas of therapy. Although we cannot always provide services to everyone, we provide a tailored approach that reflects our commitment to evidence-based counseling and therapy for the clients we serve. Below, please find a brief list of some of the ways we can help. If you're still not sure we're a good fit, call us and we'll make sure you end up with a therapist that specializes in what you're looking for.


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At The Practice, we follow three basic steps that are considered best practices across all models of psychotherapy. First, we assess the scope of the challenge. Second, we decide together how to intervene. Third, we finalize your progress, and send you on your way in confidence. Assessment is when we gather information from you to understand what we're dealing with. It usually takes three to five 50 minute appointments. Collaborative intervention is the longest part of therapy and requires a period of time for us to attempt new solutions together that you can transport to your life outside of treatment. Once, you've experienced a comfortable amount of success, we begin to taper off therapy appointments and ensure we understand the work we've done so you can confront new challenges in the future with confidence.


We are a specialty practice. Each of our practices are centered around a tailored kind of work - work we have spent years studying and honing. Couples therapy is a uniquely specialized service that requires an uncanny ability to see problems in the way we communicate rather than what we're communicating about (It's not about the dishes!). Couples therapy begins to address problems through an in-depth assessment process where we discover patterns interaction that feel chaotic and strange, but actually make sense when you discover the root cause. Next, we create new experiences for couples in our offices so you can transport what you experience to your real life. Finally, we solidify the change in a series of final sessions to bring it home for good. We are poly and kink-aware professionals and work happily with clients of a all sexual orientations and genders.

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Some think family therapy is where you go after Thanksgiving dinner goes horribly wrong. While that may be true sometimes, family therapy is also another way we treat all kinds of mental and behavioral health challenges. It's not only for family conflict. Family therapy started as a way to help people with schizophrenia. So family therapy is just a way for us to help you within your natural environment. We usually recommend family therapy when it's clear that the challenges you face have a lot to do with your most important relationships. Also, if it's clear that your family can serve as a support system for you, we recommend bringing family members to therapy. If you're wondering whether family therapy is something you should try, just give us a call and we'll help you decide.


Group therapy is one of the most powerful, accessible and affordable ways to treat behavioral health challenges. Because there are multiple members in a group, the cost of the service is reduced for everyone, but you still get the benefit of healing in a relational setting. At The Practice, we're relationship-driven. So we think that if you have a chance to rely on your closest relationships to help you change, we want to get the most out of that possibility. Group therapy is helpful in this way, too. Most groups focus on a certain topic, like sexual health or grief. Some groups are just general process groups where you have a safe place to talk with others. When groups are available, we'll announce them on our events page and in our social media.

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