Why We Practice

Our mission is to promote health and wellness using evidence-based and effective counseling and therapy services.

We know you have many options to choose from. Our clients tell us it feels like picking a therapist from a random list of names, rather than someone whose training and values you know you can trust. All clinicians at The Practice have been evaluated for their ability to embody the principles below so you can .

Does counseling work?

A few years ago, a researcher named Michael Lambert wanted to answer this question. He discovered that there were four essential ingredients of successful therapy. First, what do you bring to the relationship? You may feel depleted, like you have nothing you can depend on. But usually, in our work we find that people are more resourceful than they know. Believe it or not, what resources you have accounts for about 40% of the change you're looking for.

Second, what we bring to the table as therapists also matters. The unique creative and evidence-based approaches we depend on at The Practice are uniquely tailored to help you create the change you want. Third, the attitude and the hopefulness you bring to therapy tend to predict whether you'll achieve your goals. It makes sense. It's like going to work on Monday morning. It will definitely be a bad day if you keep telling yourself it will be. But if you give the day a chance to be positive, even Monday could surprise you. Finally, the relationship we build together, as clients and therapists is the final crucial ingredient to help you create change. So when you're asking yourself if therapy works, keep in mind that up to half of the answer to that question depends on you. Around 50% of the rest depends on us.

We've got that covered.



Above all else, the best clinical care must be competent clinical care. That's why, at The Practice, we take careful measure to treat life challenges with training that's established on a foundation of proven effectiveness. We don't shoot from the hip. Instead, we take responsibility for practicing with interventions and tools that have been tested and tried to create the kind of change our clients are looking for.

We believe the best clinical practice is supported by scientific and anectodal proof. We don't take chances with our clients' well-being.

Compassion Value The Practice


It goes without saying that all clinical support should be compassionate, but we want you to know that we treat your choice to seek our help like a sacred trust. Knowing that a helping professional should be compassionate and experiencing compassion are two different things. Not only can you expect competent treatment from us, but you can also expect an environment of non-judgment within which you can work out your most complex mental, behavioral and emotional health concerns.

We believe the best clinical practice occurs when a clinican takes responsibility for promoting and creating a safe environment in which clients can change at their pace.

Educational Core Value


The Practice values education, supervision and clinical training as core aspects of competent clinical practice. Every Practice clinician is engaged in educating our colleagues. From the seasoned therapist to the emerging counselor, we provide continuing education for social workers, counselors and therapists, we train new clinicians who seek us out from the top graduate programs in the region and we educate the public on important mental health topics such as depression, trauma and sexual health.

We believe the best clinical practice is that which is supported by master clinicians investing in both the public and the next generation of mental health professionals.


Open & Affirming

We don't discriminate care. In fact, we go even further. We celebrate diversity and incorporate diverse clinical practice inclusive of sexual orientation, ability status, age, gender and gender non-conformity, polyamorous and monogomous relationships, religious affiliation and health status. We incorporate cultural competency into our practice and into our training. If you're looking for a safe place to process unique challenges and life transitions, you'll find a match here.

We believe the best clinical practice is that which aspires to provide highly competent clinical care to all persons seeking help.