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Who needs family therapy?

Family therapy is useful for anyone who experiences family conflict that has reached a point that it's destructive. We also believe it's the best way to help teenagers and young adults who are struggling to transition into adulthood or manage the stresses of school and life. Children with behavioral problems and kids who are overall just struggling. Why family therapy for kids and teens? Although this is true of us all, children are most especially a product of their environments. They're like little anxiety absorbers and with kids who are struggling, we usually find that most family members need to make adjustments, even if they're small.

Why should we go to family therapy?

Family therapy has been proven to effectively treat adolescent drug abuse, marital challenges, depression and alcoholism to name just a few. Family therapy is different from other forms of psychotherapy because it's intentionally brief, meaning we don't recommend you stay in therapy a moment longer than you need to see the change you're looking for. It's solution-oriented. From the moment you meet us, we'll be thinking about how to help you arrive at finding new solutions to old problems. It's designed with the finish line in mind. We're thinking about how to have you out of therapy just as much as you are. Why? Because that means we've been effective and you've received help.

How is family therapy different?

Family therapy is like physical therapy for your relationships. It's different first because it's not exclusively talk therapy. That is, unlike going to therapy by yourself, family therapy almost always involves relationships. Usually, people who seek family therapy do so because they're struggling with some challenge related to their family like conflict, communication challenges, behavioral issues or trauma. So we have to work through some of those major challenges, which create patterns of interaction between family members that aren't always healthy. Our job is to recognize those patterns of behavior and help you change them so you can create the kind of family environment you want, to help your kiddos or to resolve conflict.

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