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Mind Matters: Community Talks with NAMI Austin

Who Cares? Overcoming the Barriers to Positive Self-Care

In a world where over 10 billion dollars per year is spent on self-help literature, why is practical self-care so frequently neglected? Despite the best of our intentions, self-care can be difficult to implement and even harder to maintain. Understanding why adopting a self-care practice is often so hard is an important part of the equation. This session is suitable for anyone who has experienced difficulty identifying what self-care strategies best suit them, and how to improve the potential of starting and maintaining a self-care practice that will benefit them for years to come.

Come see Simon Niblock, LMFT-Associate, present on the topic of positive self-care in partnership with The Practice and NAMI Austin. It's one you don't want to miss!

The details:

Building 626 on Austin State Hospital Campus

  • When you enter the campus from Guadalupe St., go straight and take the first right
  • Stay straight on this road, and you will  see a sign that says Nifty-Fifty Diner on the left-hand side
  • At the 4 way stop sign, turn left (Ave. C.)
  • Take an immediate left into the parking lot. 
  • You can park anywhere in this lot and enter the building (Building 626.  This building is known as the Nifty-Fifty Diner and/or as the Canteen.)