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15 Hour Technology Assisted Services CEU


Are you currently offering Technology Assisted Counseling Services (TAS) in the form of video conferencing or phone sessions for clients unable to visit your practice?

Are you aware the Texas State Board of Examiners of Marriage and Family Therapists passed a new rule regarding technology assisted counseling services? If you even do one telehealth session per year, the board requires you to receive 15 hours of TAS training by January 1, 2018.

No Need to Stress! The Practice ATX has you covered with plenty of time to spare.

 Join The Practice ATX @ Sage Recovery & Wellness Center, November 11, 2017

 15 CE Hours in Technology Assisted Services (5 ethics hours) includes:  

Ø Introductory Webinar to be held on Thursday, November 2nd at 7:00CST - 1hour

Ø Assigned curricula to be completed in advance- 3hours

Ø One day onsite intensive –9 hours

ØFollow-up consultation webinars conveniently offered on two seperate dates- 2hours

By then end of this workshop, you will have received training on the following:

·      Defining TAS

·      HIPPA rules and regulations as they apply to TAS 

·      Ethical considerations when using TAS

·      Guiding principles for crisis case management when using TAS

·      Identifying clients that may not be good candidates for TAS

·      Guiding principles for intake, informed consent, and assessment in TAS

·      Guiding principles for telephonic and online supervision

·      Advantages and disadvantages of using TAS

We hope you can join us for this informative and fun event. Lunch options will be available on-site during a 90 minute working lunch.

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How to Write Blogs that Don't Suck

93 million Americans searched for health related services at least once in the last month.

If you're not online, you're missing out on the future of the health industry marketplace. But where do you start? Do you need to hire a marketing consultant or spend big dollars in online advertising?

The best kept secret in the marketing world is that with advent of social media, blogs and google searches, anyone can be a content marketing genius.

Are you tired of hearing people tell you that you should blog, without knowing the benefits, where to begin or why? This is a two hour CEU designed with you in mind. We won't just talk about blog writing, we'll talk about blog writing for therapists, counselors, social workers and other helping professions.

We'll talk about why it's crucial to use this underused tool to tell your story.

By the end of this two-hour CEU workshop, you'll:

  • never worry about coming up with a blog topic ever again.
  • confidently tell your story AND market to your target client population.
  • learn why you should never spend another dollar in advertising.
  • develop a strategy to produce digital content that makes an impact.

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